DATA: new oil or many headed monster?

  • 8+ speakers
  • 14 september
  • Eindhoven

On September 14, the Data Value Creation Conference with the theme “DATA : new oil or many- headed monster?” will take place at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

conference themes
  • Digital Leadership
  • Compliance and Legal  
  • Digital Economy  
  • IT Transformation towards Data Centric   
  • Behavioral Change     
  • Cyber Security
  • The holistic vision of the digital transformation 4.0  where DATA is the source for value creation.
  • The transition from application to data-centric thinking.
  • The financial valuation of data as intangible assets, within legal frameworks and accounting principles.
  • The total value of the company increases as a result of growth of the cash flow

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Receive a free copy of the book Data Value Creation

We are happy to give you a free copy of this excellent book when you register for the Data Value Creation Conference.


Abdulmohaimen Amer

Abdulmohaimen Amer Msc is director of Ventus Data Professionals, co-founder of Saas company PushBird and Master Trainer at FutureXL.

Adjiedj Bakas

drs. Adjiedj Bakas is known as one of the most influential trend watchers in the Netherlands. Even in times of crisis, Bakas is always positive and always sees opportunities.

Ruud Huisman

Ruud Huisman is an international entrepreneur with work experience in chemical, telco, internet, pharmaceutical, media and logistics companies.

Ken van Ierlant

Ken van Ierlant is Managing Director & Digital Strategist at FutureXL and he advises companies in the field of digital transformation.

Ernst-Jan Louwers

mr. Ernst-Jan Louwers is an IP and tech lawyer at Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten and associated with FutureXL as an expert.

Flip van Spaendonck

Flip van Spaendonck is director at Van Spaendonck & Partners bv and an outspoken expert in the field of company valuations.

Ken van Ierlant about the new book Data Value Creation

This book is about data, and how to deal with it. From a historical description of where we are now at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic and all the (technological) changes that have resulted from it, the authors take the reader to a future that is already there.